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Scope and Content

My project is to map, describe, and analyze the historical markers in the City of Portland.  I am going to look at when the markers were created, who created them, and what purpose they were created for. I will also look at the markers in a larger context: what groups and events are included in the markers, which are left out or minimized, are there any that are overemphasized. Also if any markers have been taken down, why were they removed, and by whom?

I am looking at the markers within the borders of the city of Portland, Maine, which includes the neighborhoods off the peninsula Oakdale, Riverton, Libbytown, Stroudwater, Deering (North, Center, and East), and Peaks Island. Though most of the markers fall on the peninsula of Portland, which historically is considered the whole city, I want to broaden the scope and look at the outlying neighborhoods as well.

I have excluded some groups of markers from the project to manage the number of markers that are included. I am not including markers in cemeteries or graveyards and public art with no historical information. These are all areas that are well defined in the city and it will be easy to identify markers and monuments that fall within these excluded categories.