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A granite memorial stone with a bronze plaque, flanked by two hedges. The stone is dedicated to Major General Clarence R. Edwards and is located in the section of Deering Oaks Park between High Street and Forest Ave, which is dedicated to Edwards.

Square granite stone with a bronze plaque center, above the plaque is a small circular medallion with the crest and name of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The marker is flanked on both sides by bushes.

Two plaques that are located on either side of the main staircase in the City Hall Plaza. The left plaque honors the dead of both the Spanish American War and World War I. The right side plaque commemorates just World War I, and list the names of all…

World War Vetrans memorial.jpg
Stone at the corner of Woodford Street and Stevens Avenue dedicated to the veterans of World War I.

Granite boulder with two plaques on it, one from World War I, and one added later from World War II. The World War I plaque is dedicated to Corporal Jacob Cousins, who was the first Jewish Portlander killed in the War. The WWII plaque names all of…
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