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A granite memorial stone with a bronze plaque, flanked by two hedges. The stone is dedicated to Major General Clarence R. Edwards and is located in the section of Deering Oaks Park between High Street and Forest Ave, which is dedicated to Edwards.

A plaque attached to a granite wedge. The plaque sits on the deck of the USS Portland Memorial. The plaque is dedicated to members of the 3rd Battalion US Naval Reserve who died; they are named in the text.

Bronze plaque commemorating the men of Portland who died during World War II. Includes all of the names, as well as the names and dates of the war.

Stone pillar with an inscription on the top dedicated to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide who settled in Portland. The front of the pillar is carved with a cross; below is another inscription on the founding of Armenia.


Granite boulder with two plaques on it, one from World War I, and one added later from World War II. The World War I plaque is dedicated to Corporal Jacob Cousins, who was the first Jewish Portlander killed in the War. The WWII plaque names all of…

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Granite Bench situated on the hill in Fort Allen Park overlooking the bandstand and Casco Bay. On the back of the bench is a plaque with the poem and inscription of who placed it and when.

Longfellows Birthplace.jpg
A boulder with a bronze plaque. The plaque's inscription commemorates the site of the house where Longfellow was born.

Fort Loyal Plaque.JPG
Plaque marking the site of the colonial Fort Loyal.
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