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Slate Oaks Plaque.jpg
A simple slate shield shaped plaque with an inscription on the events of September 28, 1689

A granite platform, with three large stone benches at the far side. The middle bench as a bronze plaques on the backrest. In the middle of the platform is a bronze sundial, with words "Baxter Boulevard" on both the top and side

Square granite stone with a bronze plaque center, above the plaque is a small circular medallion with the crest and name of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The marker is flanked on both sides by bushes.

Markers 9- the Reckoning - 67.jpg
Fourteen foot tall bronze statue of Victory, holding a wrapped sword in one hand, and maple leaves and a shield in the other. The statue stands upon a tall granite pedestal, which has relief sculptures on either side, one depicting soldiers, the…

Statue of a fireman with a hose, atop a granite pedestal.


Two plaques that are located on either side of the main staircase in the City Hall Plaza. The left plaque honors the dead of both the Spanish American War and World War I. The right side plaque commemorates just World War I, and list the names of all…

Clapp Family Plaque.JPG
Bronze plaque on the Clapp memorial building on the corner of Congress and Elm Streets. The plaque's inscription gives information about three members of the Clapp family who lived in the house that was previously built on that spot.

World War Vetrans memorial.jpg
Stone at the corner of Woodford Street and Stevens Avenue dedicated to the veterans of World War I.

Life size bronze statue of Reed, on a granite pedestal. On the front of the pedestal is inscribed Reed's name. In 1989, a plaque was added to the back.

Bronze statue of a soldier holding his gun and walking, on a granite pedestal. Each side of the pedestal is inscribed with a name of a country: USA, Cuba, China and the Phillipines. The front also inscribed with a dedication.

Granite pedestal with a bronze statue of Longfellow as an older man. He is seated in a chair facing down Congress Street toward his home. The pedestal has the name "Longfellow" carved into two sides, surrounded by a wreath of leaves, and a box with a…

City Hall Plaque- Right.JPG
Bronze plaque on the right side of the main entrance to Portland City Hall. Inscription describes the history of the site and building. It also includes the people associated with constructing the current building.

Cumberland County Plaque.JPG
Bronze plaque describing the founding of Cumberland County.

Cleeves Monument.JPG
It is composed of a light gray granite pier that sits on top of three rectangular blocks: the bottom block, the largest, is about 3 feet square and a foot and a half tall, the next is about 6 inches smaller and also a foot and a half tall; and the…

City Hall Plaque- Left.JPG
Bronze plaque on the left side of the main entrance to Portland City Hall. Inscription outlines the history of the city from 1632 to 1900.
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