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Informational sign with four sections, and several images of the USS Portland and other items relating to its history. The text of the sign are on the history of the ship, its wartime service and how it came to be in Portland.

Plaque on the side of the of the USS Portland Memorial site. The plaque dedication is on the top with the Marine Corps logo at the center with the seagoing marine's seahorse and anchor on their side.

The Aft mast and shield from the USS Portland, the original bell from the ship inscribed with the date of its commissioning. The mast sits on a concrete plate form with the shield acting a s wall on the ocean side. Between the mast and the shield is…

A plaque attached to a granite wedge. The plaque sits on the deck of the USS Portland Memorial. The plaque is dedicated to members of the 3rd Battalion US Naval Reserve who died; they are named in the text.

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Made up of two pieces a white informational board that details information about the Campaign and a black stone with a dedication to those who served and died.

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Black stone tablet that memorializes the fire fighters and police who died in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Granite boulder with two plaques on it, one from World War I, and one added later from World War II. The World War I plaque is dedicated to Corporal Jacob Cousins, who was the first Jewish Portlander killed in the War. The WWII plaque names all of…

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Granite Bench situated on the hill in Fort Allen Park overlooking the bandstand and Casco Bay. On the back of the bench is a plaque with the poem and inscription of who placed it and when.

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A three foot by four foot shadow box, framed in brown painted wood. Inside on a white background there are two smaller frames, also brown, one with a written description of the battle, the other contains a painting of the battle, with the two ships…


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Two maps, one of the bay with island and one of peninsula. Each map is surrounded by details that include a picture and a paragraph about the specific landmark.
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