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Markers 9- the Reckoning - 67.jpg
Fourteen foot tall bronze statue of Victory, holding a wrapped sword in one hand, and maple leaves and a shield in the other. The statue stands upon a tall granite pedestal, which has relief sculptures on either side, one depicting soldiers, the…

Statue of a fireman with a hose, atop a granite pedestal.


Life size bronze statue of Reed, on a granite pedestal. On the front of the pedestal is inscribed Reed's name. In 1989, a plaque was added to the back.

Bronze statue of a soldier holding his gun and walking, on a granite pedestal. Each side of the pedestal is inscribed with a name of a country: USA, Cuba, China and the Phillipines. The front also inscribed with a dedication.

Granite pedestal with a bronze statue of Longfellow as an older man. He is seated in a chair facing down Congress Street toward his home. The pedestal has the name "Longfellow" carved into two sides, surrounded by a wreath of leaves, and a box with a…

Ten foot high bronze statue of John Ford sitting in the director's chair. The chair is sitting on top a pile of stones. Around the statue there are granite markers with information about Ford’s movies.

Uncurrated 3 - 49.jpg
Life-size bronze statue of George Cleeves, standing on a granite base that forms two steps. Cleeves is standing erect, with one arm down holding a book and the other on his hip.
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