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Slate Oaks Plaque.jpg
A simple slate shield shaped plaque with an inscription on the events of September 28, 1689

Bronze plaque that relates the history of 529 Congress Street which once housed Rines Bros. Company.

Plaque detailing the history of the Portland Press Herald Building, Guy Gannett and the Newspaper and Media Companies that were once housed in the building.

Plaque on the side of the of the USS Portland Memorial site. The plaque dedication is on the top with the Marine Corps logo at the center with the seagoing marine's seahorse and anchor on their side.

A plaque attached to a granite wedge. The plaque sits on the deck of the USS Portland Memorial. The plaque is dedicated to members of the 3rd Battalion US Naval Reserve who died; they are named in the text.

Markers 9- the Reckoning - 67.jpg
Fourteen foot tall bronze statue of Victory, holding a wrapped sword in one hand, and maple leaves and a shield in the other. The statue stands upon a tall granite pedestal, which has relief sculptures on either side, one depicting soldiers, the…

A stone comedy mask, originally part of the outside facade of a theater. The mask is laying on the ground, in planted section of the sidewalk with bushes and trees. There is an accompanying plaque that sits near the mask and bares the inscription.

Two plaques that are located on either side of the main staircase in the City Hall Plaza. The left plaque honors the dead of both the Spanish American War and World War I. The right side plaque commemorates just World War I, and list the names of all…

Bronze plaque commemorating the men of Portland who died during World War II. Includes all of the names, as well as the names and dates of the war.

Bronze plaque with the dates of the wars and the names of all the men from Portland who died during the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

Empire Restaurant
Small metal plaque, white with a red border. Top half contains the Chinese symbol for Friendship in red; below the symbol is the inscription in red text.


Small metal plaque, white with a green border. Top half contains the Chinese symbol for Friendship in green; below the symbol is the inscription in green text. At the bottom is the name of the organization who put up the marker, the Chinese &…


Clapp Family Plaque.JPG
Bronze plaque on the Clapp memorial building on the corner of Congress and Elm Streets. The plaque's inscription gives information about three members of the Clapp family who lived in the house that was previously built on that spot.

Plaque commemorating the Atlantic & St. Lawrence and Portland's roles in Canadian railway history. The plaque is located on the front of the India Street terminal, one of the few buildings left of the rail yard. The Canadian National Railways symbol…

First Parish Church-Maine Constitution.JPG
Small bronze plaque to the left of the main entrance of the First Parish Church on Congress Street states that the Maine Constitution was drafted within the building that was at this site in 1819.


City Hall Plaque- Right.JPG
Bronze plaque on the right side of the main entrance to Portland City Hall. Inscription describes the history of the site and building. It also includes the people associated with constructing the current building.

Cumberland County Plaque.JPG
Bronze plaque describing the founding of Cumberland County.

Fort Loyal Plaque.JPG
Plaque marking the site of the colonial Fort Loyal.

City Hall Plaque- Left.JPG
Bronze plaque on the left side of the main entrance to Portland City Hall. Inscription outlines the history of the city from 1632 to 1900.
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