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Informational sign with four sections, and several images of the USS Portland and other items relating to its history. The text of the sign are on the history of the ship, its wartime service and how it came to be in Portland.

White sign at the entrance of the play area in Deering Oaks Park. The front contains the name of the park and dedication date. The back of the sign has biographical information on Goodwin and his importance to the Portland Park system.

An approximately 3 foot x 4 foot sign, with the name of the Historical District and some information about its history. Made to be read from street.

An informational board, that includes a map and the names of all of the trails in Portland, a description of the works of Portland Trails, and a history of Portland's park system.

Uncurrated 2 - 44.jpg
Made up of two pieces a white informational board that details information about the Campaign and a black stone with a dedication to those who served and died.

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A three panel informational board, the first panel is a textual description of the history of Mayor Baxter Woods and how the land came to the city. The second panel is a map and the third panel is information about the flora and fauna of the woods.

Fort Allen City Map.JPG
Two maps, one of the bay with island and one of peninsula. Each map is surrounded by details that include a picture and a paragraph about the specific landmark.
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