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A granite platform, with three large stone benches at the far side. The middle bench as a bronze plaques on the backrest. In the middle of the platform is a bronze sundial, with words "Baxter Boulevard" on both the top and side

White sign at the entrance of the play area in Deering Oaks Park. The front contains the name of the park and dedication date. The back of the sign has biographical information on Goodwin and his importance to the Portland Park system.

Two plaques that are located on either side of the main staircase in the City Hall Plaza. The left plaque honors the dead of both the Spanish American War and World War I. The right side plaque commemorates just World War I, and list the names of all…

Bronze plaque commemorating the men of Portland who died during World War II. Includes all of the names, as well as the names and dates of the war.

Bronze plaque with the dates of the wars and the names of all the men from Portland who died during the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

Portland Historic Preservation Code.pdf

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A three panel informational board, the first panel is a textual description of the history of Mayor Baxter Woods and how the land came to the city. The second panel is a map and the third panel is information about the flora and fauna of the woods.

City Hall Plaque- Right.JPG
Bronze plaque on the right side of the main entrance to Portland City Hall. Inscription describes the history of the site and building. It also includes the people associated with constructing the current building.

City Hall Plaque- Left.JPG
Bronze plaque on the left side of the main entrance to Portland City Hall. Inscription outlines the history of the city from 1632 to 1900.
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