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A three foot by four foot shadow box, framed in brown painted wood. Inside on a white background are two smaller frames, also brown, one with a written description of the battle , and the other a painting of it.

Slate Oaks Plaque.jpg
A simple slate shield shaped plaque with an inscription on the events of September 28, 1689

Three-feet tall granite marker, with a bronze plaque on the front with the American Society of Civil Engineers seal in the middle, commemorating the Maine Turnpike.

Memorial stone for two worker killed in accidents on tugboats in Portland Harbor.


Informational sign with four sections, and several images of the USS Portland and other items relating to its history. The text of the sign are on the history of the ship, its wartime service and how it came to be in Portland.

A granite platform, with three large stone benches at the far side. The middle bench as a bronze plaques on the backrest. In the middle of the platform is a bronze sundial, with words "Baxter Boulevard" on both the top and side

White sign at the entrance of the play area in Deering Oaks Park. The front contains the name of the park and dedication date. The back of the sign has biographical information on Goodwin and his importance to the Portland Park system.

Bronze plaque that relates the history of 529 Congress Street which once housed Rines Bros. Company.

Plaque detailing the history of the Portland Press Herald Building, Guy Gannett and the Newspaper and Media Companies that were once housed in the building.

An approximately 3 foot x 4 foot sign, with the name of the Historical District and some information about its history. Made to be read from street.

Plaque on the side of the of the USS Portland Memorial site. The plaque dedication is on the top with the Marine Corps logo at the center with the seagoing marine's seahorse and anchor on their side.

The Aft mast and shield from the USS Portland, the original bell from the ship inscribed with the date of its commissioning. The mast sits on a concrete plate form with the shield acting a s wall on the ocean side. Between the mast and the shield is…

A granite memorial stone with a bronze plaque, flanked by two hedges. The stone is dedicated to Major General Clarence R. Edwards and is located in the section of Deering Oaks Park between High Street and Forest Ave, which is dedicated to Edwards.

A plaque attached to a granite wedge. The plaque sits on the deck of the USS Portland Memorial. The plaque is dedicated to members of the 3rd Battalion US Naval Reserve who died; they are named in the text.

Square granite stone with a bronze plaque center, above the plaque is a small circular medallion with the crest and name of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The marker is flanked on both sides by bushes.

Markers 9- the Reckoning - 81.jpg
Low two foot stone with a plaque on the front. The plaque is dedicated to the Maine Way Redevelopment Project. Plaque was removed, leaving stone in the summer of 2014.

Markers 9- the Reckoning - 67.jpg
Fourteen foot tall bronze statue of Victory, holding a wrapped sword in one hand, and maple leaves and a shield in the other. The statue stands upon a tall granite pedestal, which has relief sculptures on either side, one depicting soldiers, the…

Statue of a fireman with a hose, atop a granite pedestal.




A stone comedy mask, originally part of the outside facade of a theater. The mask is laying on the ground, in planted section of the sidewalk with bushes and trees. There is an accompanying plaque that sits near the mask and bares the inscription.

An informational board, that includes a map and the names of all of the trails in Portland, a description of the works of Portland Trails, and a history of Portland's park system.

Black stone tablet, flanked by two benches of the same material. The inscription quotes a New York Fire Department chief, and the list of names of all of the Portland fireman who have died on duty.

Two plaques that are located on either side of the main staircase in the City Hall Plaza. The left plaque honors the dead of both the Spanish American War and World War I. The right side plaque commemorates just World War I, and list the names of all…

Bronze plaque commemorating the men of Portland who died during World War II. Includes all of the names, as well as the names and dates of the war.

Bronze plaque with the dates of the wars and the names of all the men from Portland who died during the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

Stone pillar with a bronze plaque on top. The pillar stands next to the John Ford statue. The inscription on the plaque covers the Corner's origin, history, and the fact it was the original location of the Irish population in the city.

Stone pillar with an inscription on the top dedicated to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide who settled in Portland. The front of the pillar is carved with a cross; below is another inscription on the founding of Armenia.


Portland's Codes, Regulations & Ordinances Article XI- Public Art Program

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